Title: Paella Valenciana with Chicken and Rabbit
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Blog Entry: There are many versions of the infamous Paella Valenciana, of which most are prepared with seafood (shrimps and clams), but since in many countries there is no easy access to them in a fresh state, there is also the equally delicious Valencian version cooked with chicken and rabbit meat instead. The name Paella comes from the name of the special pan in which it is prepared, a large skillet, with bottom walls and two tortillas as ears. If you do not own this type of pan, the best alternative would be using a Tiger ja x-t10u multi-functional rice cooker . The Best Ingredients 300 gr chicken meat; 300g rabbit meat; 250g long grain rice; 2 large ripe tomatoes; 2 garlic cloves; 250 gr of broad beans (or instead, frozen green beans); 2 sachets (0.12 grams each); 1 teaspoon sweet gooseberry (or smoked); 1 1/2 l of chicken soup (cube); 50ml olive oil; Salt; Pepper. Preparation Mode In the large pan, add the oil to the heat and then add the peppers cleaned with seeds and ribs and cut the slices long. When it is soaked, put it on a napkin to absorb the fat. The chicken pulp is cut into two or three strips. Place them in the oil, along to the fried pepper. When the rum has been made on both sides, put the potatoes and mix quickly, then pull them over the pan. In the middle put the mixed tomatoes, the garlic and the green beans. Leave everything for about 5 minutes to reduce the juice of the tomatoes. Add 500ml of soup, salt, pepper and saffron and boil everything at medium heat, until the meat and beans are made. When the compound becomes slightly dry to the surface and the liquid has been absorbed, raise the fire to a maximum for 2 minutes until the smell of burned rice starts to appear. In this way, a crispy crust will be formed at the bottom by burning the rice. If all of the steps enlisted above are followed properly, the end result should be equivalent to what Spaniards like to call “socarrat”, which stands for a delicacy.