Title: The Advantages Of Pocket Alarms
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Blog Entry: Personal pocket alarms are becoming a day to day accessory, especially for independent women with jobs that imply daily travels in or outside their cities, as well as for persons with disabilities and older citizens. These are the most commonly targeted victims of robberies or even worse, and several personal protection companies have started developing miniaturized gadgets that can turn into powerful alarms with just a switch, thus discouraging the attackers and inducing them the natural panic of being caught. Even though out of all the models on the market, pocket alarms are a bit larger in volume, they are extremely easy to use and they do have a much larger sound capacity. General Features Perfect for people traveling alone, women, children, etc. In case of problems or emergency, one switch can easily activate the siren. The pocket alarms are activated at the push of the button and they are fast and very easy to use; Easy and compact, the personal alarm easily fits into the pocket or can be attached to a belt or keys in the form of a keychain. Its LED light can be used as a flashlight. Average Dimensions: 75X40X12 mm. Usual Batteries: 3 X LR44 (included with the first purchase). Available colors: Black, Red, Silver. Why Carry a Pocket Alarm The day to day routine can always be subjected to unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations, and in order to prevent them from escalating, additional security measures are always at hand. There have been numerous cases so far in which the simple triggering of a personal or siren alarm ha s been sufficient factor of stopping an assault or an ongoing robbery. Sometimes the context at hand may not be favorable, and the closest law enforcement unit might be too far from the crime scene, and this is when personal alarms can truly do wonders.