Title: the artifact of the battle, sells thousands of CSGO and still sticks to the garbage weapon
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Blog Entry: In the 80s and 90s, in the memory of the players, the Internet cafe in China was also the world of CS. In the primary school, the game daily Aggro didn't skip school and run away to play with the students. However , in junior high school, CS's time began to be turned over, followed by the domestic FPS game through the fire line,  buy csgoskins , although innovation is not much, but the advantages of online games are there. After CS slowly fades out of view, CF begins to adapt to the needs of Chinese people. It turned out that it had succeeded, and if it hadn't been for LOL, maybe until now the web cafe was still the field of gunfight, and the traces of CS were slowly erased by CF over time. Of course , CS's classic maps and slags are still passed down by CF, and it's not a matter of "feeling". AN94 was still the "artifact" Inverse wars to appear later in CF, reportedly because South Korea on the other side of the game too tsundere, so old stroke of a pen is "independent research and development, " a new video game, if not then business mainly to the online game, now the CF may have been does not exist. The battle against war is in the sky in the sky, once prop never more than 300 promises after the arrival of the day after the introduction of a 0. This is the domestic FPS sport environment after CSGO, Buy Cheap CSGO Skins ,  a reality that can not get good gaming experience without spending money. After a lot of playing on the Steam CS: GO players are looked down upon the CF players, including CF activity mode and competitive game, artifact is a brain rot in their ideas of setting, not to mention what technology. However , Aggro feels that there is a natural reason for existence, especially if CF is a hot one for so many years, the artifact may destroy the fairness of the old gamers, but let the old horse make a lot of money. Play against war has found that when each new map Boss is certainly need a particular artifact card BUG, and then after a while the bugs have been fixed, this artifact also slowly became the actual warehouse the goods. This time a new map, then another artifact awakening upgrade accessories, just need to be happy to collect the money. In the face of this model, will CSGO be jealous? At least not yet. Perfect from G fat to win the CS: GO country uniform, but Aggro jun in it did not see the slightest change... Whether it's a handgun, or no ballistic display, or no female character, there's still no artifact. These weapons are lost to CF, as well as presumably the new participants won't even look at them because they are "rubbish", which are not half as powerful as the ballistic missiles. But like the difference between the glory of the king and the LOL, CF is probably more popular than CS: GO, but the former is hard to be recognized by the world, because the property of fair play has been badly damaged. Stick to the "garbage weapon", probably CS: GO make the most correct decision.