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Posted On 09/15/2014 19:37:54 by roubaolaq

as Continental, like Zhou Enlai Riliwanji busy, but do not need such a passionate generosity domineering like Jiang Qing, a wound tense development. He is a dark ride safely, and occasionally stand up and walk, still precipitate a kind of quiet.When a person does not excess energy, as long as you are good to recuperate, but you can enter very simple to understand mental state. He slowly sat down in a soft chair, the room quiet but empty. He likes quiet and empty environment, it is often neces... Read More

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Posted On 09/15/2014 19:37:26 by roubaolaq

elegiac couplet, but he also gave Zhang Xun wrote a couplet: "every man's battle section, pull nine spiritual temple, chi worthy Mourning, whose foolish also; six feet alone, without a handful of soil, he died dead, whom Adams complex matter who "is just the right place because of the sense of proportion with accurate and appropriate Code, known as the elegiac swan song . Mao Zedong's successor, Lin Biao unknown other side Figure Ke Yunlu "Cultural Revolution" fiction masterpiece"Hibiscu... Read More

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Posted On 09/15/2014 19:37:00 by roubaolaq

allusions insightful  profound meaning, can be described as the first prize!" Xu Shuzheng of talent shows Superman, literary talent unrivaled. Xu Shuzheng, word and Zheng, David Prime Minister and army chief, the army Xu Shuzheng NORTHWEST FRONTIER second president, was promoted to Admiral. In Feng paragraph in dispute, as Duan Xu Shuzheng shuttle back and forth, his hand under the guise of participating in the First World War in the name of the Japanese borrow large sums of money,... Read More

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Posted On 09/15/2014 19:36:30 by roubaolaq

 Zheng, No. bars, since the number of the forest, known as "small fan", "Northern Little Zhuge." Jiangsu Xiaoxian now Anhui Xiaoxian who, since childhood, clever and smart, 7-year-old can be poetry, 13-year-old scholar, 17-year-old Lin complement born, a child prodigy said. 1901, Xu Shuzheng abandoned the text from Wu, a letter to the governor of Shandong, Jinan, Yuan Shikai, a statement by the martial way, after scoreless appreciated glumly back to staying at the inn. Duan just pas... Read More

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Posted On 09/15/2014 19:36:00 by roubaolaq

 would naturally disappear, which Mao Zedong's Red Guards of the attitude of the changes are directly related.Mao Zedong used to think, to engage in the "what is arduous and bloody sacrifices, building on the monument in the world anti-fascist war  Those for national interests, national salvation and vow to stick, Duke hasAnd his c  phenomenon, in fact, the strength of the phase Ling, size relative to insult."Envoys worthwhile trip, returned to Japan after a large Tibetan Qing... Read More

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