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Posted On 09/19/2014 22:44:51 by roubaolau

four clean" campaign, Zhao Dan returning scenes were exposing and denouncing as "landlord legions."Zhao Dansheng in Yangzhou long in Shanghai, Shandong life is not understood, Wei Yanhao Wu Xun, the day he learned his father's accent speaking Shandong dialect. He shaved their heads for the story needs, leaving only a handful of pigtail in the head, usually the streets wearing hats to hide the ugly France. Wu Xun being bullied when shooting a scene, Zhao Dan kneeling on the ground, calling for... Read More

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Posted On 09/19/2014 22:44:02 by roubaolau

 Yuanxin twice he would like to go to college plans have been completely disrupted. Zhou Bingde smiled and said: "The best years of my youth, spent almost entirely in the sport."Talking about love uncle and mother of seven, Madame Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao goes out sweet 1920s photo, she said with emotion:! "Look at the two of them, seven more than good mom told me was so intimate pose with pictures, is a kind of revolution. "Zhou Bingde also remember those romantic communication betw... Read More

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Posted On 09/19/2014 22:43:32 by roubaolau

reported to Mao Zedong said: "There is the community shares the wind, is to see how the Cultural Revolution, is positive or negative, the results are seven finger or wrong is seven fingers, there are differences."    He particularly pointed out emphatically, which shares the wind "seems more than 2072 grant some leftist also fierce." "I am very attentive to Comrade Xiaoping's speech, I felt a problem, he rarely speaks of the Cultural Revolution achievements, rarely mention... Read More

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Posted On 09/19/2014 22:43:09 by roubaolau

history ofn with birth and death, death is not final, non-feeling. matter to it. "few strokes, called Confucianism era love most vivid bold comments. With a Peony Pavilion,   Nanjingocial hythm high absolute Yuming flowers, it is a true portrayal of life Xianzu. Old age in his hometown, Xianzu career completely dispel the idea, from the political arena to the opera stage, concentrated on theater and poetry writing. Yu Ming residence hall, guests sit miscellaneous, pitching Xiao Song... Read More

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Posted On 09/19/2014 22:42:37 by roubaolau

 environment is very harsh. According to the state capital chronicles Ray Kangxi, Xuwen "day without Lang Hongwu four barrier", wilderness filled with scary crocodiles and large baboon; and three facing the sea, there are pirates intrusion east, west Cochin is located in the territory of Vietnam watching this, Locals also sturdy folk, like resorting to violence. Xianzu Xuwen said in a letter to a friend, "which places people commit suicide, I do not know propriety", nike free run 3.0 v... Read More

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