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Kaohsiung gas explosion
Posted On 09/18/2014 20:36:40 by dskajgwsdf

chairman Su Tseng-chang, a lot of Tsai's hometown, Green Camp supporters since declared his candidacy, although Jane Taro polls continued to rise, but still significantly behind rival Panmeng An Sancheng around.Battle in the final two and a half months. As Ma direct descendant, the KMT "legislator" Wu Yu-Sheng told reporters in an interview with the Herald said, Kaohsiung gas explosion, rancid water and oil event will certainly harm the DPP Kaohsiung, Pingtung's election, but not t... Read More

he went to Scotland is a continuous
Posted On 09/18/2014 20:36:19 by dskajgwsdf

concerns about declining British military strength. British navy chief Zem Belas had previously said that if an independent Scotland, it will seriously affect the 

white paper", once an independent Scotland, the Queen will remain head of state independence of Scotland countries.Opposition pro-independence camp representatives, Prime Minister David Cameron is mainly composed of various parties, "united front." Cameron had to "patriotism" in the title, called on Scots to s... Read More

agreed to pay a sum of money
Posted On 09/18/2014 20:35:58 by dskajgwsdf

cots, Scotland regained independent status in 1328. 300 years later between Scotland and England. "Skelter." Until 1706, Scotland and England signed the "Act of Union" and on May 1, 1707 came into effect, the establishment of the Kingdom of Great Britain, Scotland to become part of it.Many historians believe that this is the pile just as "mercenary marriage" because marriage is Scotland select upset England in the 17th century after 90 years of colonia plan of bankruptcy, while the "Act of Un... Read More

from the pound system
Posted On 09/18/2014 20:35:34 by dskajgwsdf

situationIf this three hundred years of "breaking up" come true, Scotland will go from here  Analysts believe that if an independent Scotland, is bound to be the UK, Europe and the world situation caused by long-term, far-reaching impact, while Scotland itself might not like they expected, smooth sailing. First, the Scots may not be able to get many benefits, on the contrary, there will be a number of thorny issues.The first is the EU membership issue. Once an independent Scot... Read More

David Cameron recently also
Posted On 09/18/2014 20:35:20 by dskajgwsdf

Scotland, the original British dominance in the EU will no longer exist, the British withdraw from the EU may face the choice. Meanwhile, the European countries have to worry about their own national territory will be split like this, leading to some irrational not to the government and society, such as the outbreak of more crises.Finally, the world is concerned, once the British have lost some leadership authority, may exacerbate the confrontation of league and division, adding to... Read More

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