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Internal vibrator
Posted On 08/27/2015 23:57:55 by dasion

2) Internal vibrator

Internal vibrators, also known as plug-in vibrators (vibrator), used for vibration cast foundation, columns, beams, walls and other structural members and play back volume of concrete foundation should be done slowly push pull. When using the plug-in vibrators tamped concrete, concrete vibrator should be inserted vertically, in order to make the upper and lower concrete seamed overall, concrete vibrator should be inserted in the lower 50mm. concrete vibrator china... Read More

Pneumatic vibrators following significant advantages
Posted On 08/27/2015 23:52:00 by dasion

Pneumatic vibrators following significant advantages:

(1) In wet conditions, the pneumatic vibrator is operating without electricity, safe and reliable. (2) The life of a pneumatic vibrator at least 10 years, can be avoided vibrator purchase quantity (difficult to manage) and maintenance of high-frequency phenomenon, saving acquisition and maintenance costs of the vibrator. (3) High-frequency vibration frequency up to 15000r / min or more, and quickly exhaust, can enhance the density o... Read More

Routine maintenance
Posted On 08/27/2015 23:44:57 by dasion
1. Routine maintenance

(1) Check hydraulic oil level, oil, oil should be light yellow transparent, non-emulsified or turbidity, or should be replaced. (2) filled with grease, water tank 2/3 water and 1/3 hydraulic oil or oil. (3) Check the cutting ring, glasses, Manual brick making machinery for sale plates gap should be normal (maximum gap 2mm) (4) Check lubrication system works, you should see progressive distributor indicator rod back and forth action, S pipe arm end bearing location, loca... Read More

Concrete pump operation
Posted On 08/27/2015 23:40:21 by dasion
Concrete pump operation

(1) sand particle size, grade and Mix cement factory specification shall be required to meet the mechanical performance requirements of the pump. Parking brake and locking brake (2) pumping equipment shall be used simultaneously, tires should wedge, Highway dedicated concrete mixer water supply and water tanks should be properly stocked with water, should be no debris in the hopper, the lubrication points should be lubricated properly. Ministries bolt (3) pumping equip... Read More

What should you pay attention to when you choose spring bridesmaid dresses?
Posted On 08/27/2015 23:38:49 by Kleindresses

Brides who wear beautiful wedding dresses will become highlight of the wedding, so do bridesmaid dresses. You should know how to collocate with them. After all, the bride is the leading of the wedding, as a bridesmaid, you should not steal the bride's thunder.

1.Styles and length of the dresses are important

Choice of your dresses should be based on the brides'. For example, if the bride wear a long smear in the church, you should also wear this kind of dresses and the smear... Read More

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