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CSGO ECS S3 schedule and Rewards are No Change
Posted On 04/13/2017 01:45:48 by fifacoinkopen
кс го рулетка

кс го ставкиECS S3 season online preliminaries time is from April 14th to June 8th, when there will be 20 teams after 8 weeks of qualifying finals qualify for the finals. As to the line with the two finals of the progressive ECS, the same as $750000.

G2 will firstly played against GODSENT

ECS S3 online preliminaries to take a double loop elimination system, which means that each team will play against another opponent 2... Read More

SL-i S3 games reports on the 5th day
Posted On 04/10/2017 21:55:17 by fifacoinkopen

рулетка кс го для бомжей

SL-i S3 cutting 8 for 4 game has come to an end, the list of fresh 4 has been released on the 5th day.

G2 VS. FaZe: the 8 into 4 games 'made head broken and bleeding', G2 from France, the "blast crack" in the group game phase on the style of the game is to let people go by like the wind map with quite deep impression, easy to enter the top 8 against FaZe, while FaZe is a "small G2". In the BO3 of the battle, both sides c... Read More

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