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How to choose a private school for your child - 9 important criteria
Posted On 07/01/2018 10:28:32 by MarkWeiss

Choosing a school is a complex and responsible matter. For the most part, parents conduct the whole study before the final decision in favor of another institution. And the thing is not even a price... Read More

My first Post. Hope you will find it useful
Posted On 06/06/2018 02:29:56 by AnnaRoberts

Hello, my name is Anna, I am on maternity leave and working as a freelance writer. As a writer, I help students from abroad to write their papers for college. Here I would like to share some of my knowledge.

Strategies for Studying Smart for Your Exams

Sitting for examinations is an important element of your studies. Exams are used to measure whether you have acquired the skills your professor taught you in class. If you fail t... Read More

Eternal student: why you need to start learning the language right now
Posted On 05/30/2018 00:43:17 by Witerequinge

When Hungarian translator Cato Lomb was 92 years old, she took on two new languages - Hebrew and Arabic. Kato lived 95 years, remaining until the last day in her right mind and memory. It seems that the polyglot's head "is arranged differently," and why the knowledge of several languages to us, "mere mortals"? Can this make us happier? It turns out, maybe.

... Read More

How to interact with your customers
Posted On 04/27/2018 04:58:07 by AlbinaWelsh

Customers play a fundamental role in setting up the foundation of a business. Obviously, products and services offered by businesses are not consumed by the business members themselves but customers. You need to know how to interact with your customers to establish a thriving business. Indubitably, customers are very sensitive to the kind of customer care and support provided to them. This means that when the support team is not collaborative, c... Read More

Characteristics of the essay
Posted On 04/18/2018 03:08:29 by rodneyashline

To correctly write an essay, you should take into account the specific features that distinguish it from other genres. The main features of the essay: 

1. The presence of a certain narrow topic, which contains a problem and prompts the reader to meditate.

... Read More

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