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Contacting 1-833-995-8999 Facebook About A Problem For Any Glitches
Posted On 05/17/2018 23:56:28 by anabelsmith

Facebook is the most popular and widely used website. This is social media networking which allows the users to create their picture, videos, and communicate with their friends, relatives, etc. We using many other social media applications such as Linkedin, google+, Instagram, vk.com and so on. But Facebook is the largest social media application in all over the world. Facebook holds the attention of almost every individual to chat with their loved ones, relatives, friends,... Read More

Facebook working on new app for android smartphones
Posted On 05/15/2018 05:48:21 by fjorjpodm

Facebook has been testing a new Android-only dialler app which would include advanced call blocking in a smartphone, reports say.

According to the Android Police and other reports, the app, marked 'FB-only', would show information about the caller and automatically block calls from commonly blocked numbers.

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Poor Britons offer to sell kidneys on Facebook
Posted On 05/15/2018 05:43:45 by fjorjpodm

In news that should be music to the ears of Indian authorities who are constantly trying to control the social media, an investigation by a UK newspaper has found that desperate Britons are turning to Facebook to advertise their organs for sale at up to £30,000 (Rs31 lakh), despite the medical and legal risks involved.

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Posted On 04/21/2018 07:13:38 by jasontodd027

get Facebook page likes is one of the guaranteed approaches to develop your open profile. The more Facebook likes you have on your page the more acclaimed you will progress toward becoming in the virtual world. On the off chance that you are pondering whether these preferences are honest to goodness or not, you don't need to stress over... Read More

How Do I Report a Facebook Fake Account or an Account That’s...
Posted On 01/22/2018 22:33:39 by ericaclark

A fake account is a Facebook account where someone is pretending to be someone or something that doesn't exist really. Fake accounts can make up people, celebrities, pets or organizations.

If someone created a fake Facebook account with your name and using it for malicious purpose, then report your issue to the experts. To fix your issue Facebook 24 Hours Customer Service is just one call away for you. In addition, you c... Read More

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