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Comparison of advantages of stainless steel welded pipe and stainless...
Posted On 03/21/2018 15:36:11 by flange

Now the production technology of stainless steel welded pipe is relatively perfect. It has replaced seamless steel pipes in many aspects, such as petroleum, automobile, paper making, air conditioning and so on, and its price is less than 1/5 of seamless pipe. The market demand of stainless steel seamless Pipe is mainly manifested in basic indu... Read More

Processing technology of super duplex stainless steel welded pipe
Posted On 03/19/2018 16:24:47 by flange

Because the offshore oil platform riser has long suffered the wave scour, it is necessary to have high strength and excellent resistance to point corrosion material. In all kinds of alternative materials, because super duplex stainless steel possesses austenite and ferrite structure at the same time, it has many advantages such as high corrosion resista... Read More

Cause of cracking of 310S stainless steel pipe
Posted On 03/18/2018 22:46:15 by flange

The content of chromium and nickel in 310S stainless steel is higher, and its corrosion resistance is better than that of ordinary 18-8 stainless steel. In boiling nitric acid with a concentration above 68.4%, the corrosion resistance of ordinary 18-8 stainless steel is not satisfactory, but 310S stainless steel can be applied in 65 ~ 85% nitric acid. 3... Read More

The development of super duplex stainless steel
Posted On 03/18/2018 00:32:32 by flange

The current history of duplex stainless steel has reached the third generation. The first generation represented the 3RE60 stainless steel in the mid-1960s, which posed the problem of HAZ. The second generation was developed in the 1970s , Is characterized by ultra-low carbon and nitrogen, representing the grade 2205, the pitting equivalence i... Read More

Add molybdenum element to the performance improvement of stainless steel...
Posted On 03/14/2018 23:08:58 by flange

Molybdenum is mainly used for production of iron and steel industry in many countries, basically accounted for more than 8 of the molybdenum is added as elements of steel, but only about 2 is used to produce metal molybdenum, super alloy and special alloy, chemical products, they are used in the petroleum chemical industry, light industry, electronic an... Read More

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