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Selection of 316, 304 and 303 stainless steel pipes in marine environment
Posted On 01/18/2018 13:33:47 by flange

Now in the marine environment has a large number of stainless steel pipe materials and products, in order to adapt to all kinds of corrosion damage of the marine environment, we have developed a special type of stainless steel pipe, here to introduce in the marine environment commonly used type of stainless steel Pipe products.

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The hot extrusion process of stainless steel seamless pipe
Posted On 01/14/2018 13:41:16 by flange

At present, steel extrusion units in the world, in addition to a small number of extrusion processing profiles, most of the extrusion units are used to produce steel pipe, of which the main variety is stainless steel seamless pipe. Compared with the production methods such as rolling (longitudinal rolling and cross rolling), the extrusion process i... Read More

Polishing process of stainless steel pipe fittings
Posted On 01/11/2018 05:27:57 by flange

At present, there are many kinds of polishing processes for stainless steel Pipe fittings. This paper introduces some common polishing processes, including mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electropolishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, etc..

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Classification and characteristics of stainless steel pipe
Posted On 01/10/2018 12:12:33 by flange

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow strip steel, mainly two kinds of seamless steel Pipe and welded steel pipe, often used as a pipeline for conveying fluid, such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam, etc. When the bending strength is the same, the weight of the stainless steel tube is relatively light, so it is widely used to produce mechan... Read More

Advantage and application of 304 stainless steel pipe
Posted On 01/09/2018 11:55:12 by flange

304 stainless steel pipe has excellent hygienic performance. It is corrosion resistant, beautiful and grade, and its service life is more than 70 years. It is one of the pipelines with better comprehensive performance. 304 stainless steel water supply Pipe is characterized by no rust, stable chemical performance, no two pollution, is a very good gr... Read More

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