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What are the difficulties in the welding process of the duplex stainless...
Posted On 06/16/2018 20:50:39 by flange

There are some technological difficulties in the actual welding of duplex stainless steel 2205, but in fact, if we grasp 2205 of the related material characteristics, many problems will be solved when welding is processed. Here are the following aspects.
First, compared with the first generation duplex stainless steel, 2205 has further increased the nitrogen content, and enhanced the stress corrosion resistance a... Read More

Operation process of stainless steel mirror polishing process
Posted On 06/11/2018 02:58:38 by flange

The polishing process of stainless steel mirror surface mainly consists of two main processes: grinding and light out. The following are the respective operation steps.


... Read More

Methods of preservation of stainless steel pipes that are not easy to be...
Posted On 06/09/2018 02:13:17 by flange

In fact, stainless steel pipes will not rust, but rust resistance is very high, so it is very difficult to rust, but if the storage method is not appropriate, the rust will happen. This paper will talk about how to keep it as long as possible to make the stainless steel Pipe in the best condition.

... Read More

What are the production characteristics of stainless steel welded pipe
Posted On 06/07/2018 00:19:51 by flange

A stainless steel pipe with a diameter of less than 219mm is used in continuous roll forming, which is basically similar to that of a high frequency welded pipe. When the diameter of the tube is greater than 219mm, the pressure forming or spiral welding is used. The tube diameter is less than 4.76mm, and the tube is drawn by drawing after welding.
The welding technology mainly includes high frequency welding... Read More

What are the production characteristics of stainless steel seamless...
Posted On 06/06/2018 03:02:36 by flange

There are four kinds of stainless steel seamless steel pipe production methods: hot rolling, hot extrusion, cold rolling and cold drawing. Their production characteristics from plastic deformation resistance, and spread, several aspects of this application and the sensitive degree of thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance of observation. The following are described in detail.
Plasticity... Read More

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