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Introduction of the mainstream production technology of stainless steel...
Posted On 07/21/2018 18:40:39 by flange

In recent years, the rapid development of production technology and equipment technology level of global stainless Steel pipe, stainless Steel pipe international advanced production features is the use of new equipment, new technology, automatic control and NDT to improve product quality and yield, in the domestic stainless Steel welded pipe and seamless Steel pipe production technology have also made great progress, but compared with the international advanced level there is a large gap... Read More

Specification and application of stainless steel angle bar
Posted On 07/19/2018 14:57:29 by flange

Stainless Steel angle bar is a kind of strip Steel with vertical angle on both sides. It can be divided into two kinds: equal side stainless Steel angle bar and non equal side stainless Steel angle bar. The width of the two sides of the former corner is the same.
The stainless Steel angle bar can form various force components according to the different needs of the whole structure, and can also be used as the con... Read More

The polishing process of two kinds of stainless steel pipes
Posted On 07/18/2018 08:35:16 by flange

In all kinds of stainless Steel pipe processing, polishing is a way of finishing the surface of stainless Steel pipes by using flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or similar media. It can not only get smooth surface or mirror gloss, but also eliminate gloss.
Polishing wheels are commonly used for polishing tools. The polishing wheel is mainly made up of multilayer... Read More

Production process and characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe...
Posted On 07/17/2018 06:58:12 by flange

There are two main types of stainless Steel pipes, which are stainless Steel seamless pipes and stainless steel welded pipes. It is known by the name that the former has no weld seam, the latter is mainly welded and formed, and their specific production process differences and their respective characteristics are described below.
Stainless Steel seamless pipe... Read More

Two forms and application examples of stainless steel welded pipe
Posted On 07/16/2018 07:32:13 by flange

Stainless Steel welded pipe is a pipe made of stainless Steel plate or strip crimping after forming and welding, simple production process efficiency, low cost and variety of specifications, but generally low strength than seamless Steel pipe. However, with the continuous progress of production technology, the quality of stainless Steel welded pipe is getting better and better, in many respects it has replaced the original seamless Steel pipe.... Read More

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