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NBA 2K17 Strategies: How To Earn Game Badges
Posted On 10/17/2016 02:00:45 by nba2kmt

Regarding NBA 2K17 release news has long been anticipated by players from all over the world. For the latest installment of the NBA 2K series, it has been getting good reviews since the game overall made great improvements thanks to some developers. There are some positive opinions from many gamers, nonetheless, the most notable reviews are about the improved features for Badges. More so, related article circulating online by the Morning Ledger talks about how to get those badges in the game. Now it's time to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Those who already had the chance to play the game will notice that there are five given badges. In order to get the other 50 badges, players need to work for it. At the very least, one should get seven points per game to gain different types of badges. In the process gamers can get the Alpha Dog, Clutch Performer, Wild Card and Spark Plug.

By practicing and improving the player’s skills, getting more badges becomes possible. Those who are good around the 3 point line or the perimeter should focus on improving the primary skills related to it. The key to success in NBA 2K17 game is to capitalize on the player’s strengths.

Practicing gives players opportunities to improve their game by doing some drills and scrimmage events. These kinds of practice events in the game are free and are not complicated.

Here are some of the badges earlier listed by Movie News Guide that gamers might want to have for their players.

Lob City Passer – should do a lot of alley-oops in one season, a minimum of 100.

Flashy passer – getting this badge means that a player made 50 successful flashy passes in a season.

Alpha Dog – the best rated player in the team and should be playing 60 percent of total game time.

Defensive Stopper – consistent defensive player and should turn defense meter into green.

The Microwave Badge – players will get this badge if they will be able to stay hot in five consecutive games or more.

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