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Why does demand for European schools grow?
Posted On 06/25/2017 05:58:51 by Raytrey

Study in Switzerland, Germany and Spain today as prestigious as in England or America. Why Europe is so attractive for parents? What the school should pay attention?

The highest authority among European schools use hostels in Switzerland. The country with the highest life education remains the greatest value. Hence - the highest training standards, comfortable accommodation, attention to every student. Most international schools are located on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps. Among them - College Du Leman and Leysin American School. These schools offer the most popular program of study - IB (International Baccalaureate). After graduation, graduates College Du Leman can enter any university in Europe and the UK. Leysin American School is an American school. With her certificate high school diploma child can enroll in the most reputable US universities and Canada. Many parents consider Switzerland as a place for relaxation and even the possibility of emigration. Therefore, the Swiss school day, along with guesthouses, are in great demand. Judge: visa takes a little time, plus a convenient shuttle service from the airports of Zurich and Geneva. Switzerland is bordered by other European countries, but here - there are plenty of good schools.

Another option school in Europe - Sotogrande International School in Spain. It is located in the resort of Costa del Sol and combines the spirit of British education with a Spanish flavor. Sotogrande is attended by children from 3 to 18 years. Training is conducted on the IB program in English. However, all the students practice the Spanish language, which gives them a lot of benefits to enroll in university. Parents choose Sotogrande School, not only because of the international status. They like the fact that there are employee at the school, who always respond to any questions. The school also regularly sends reports on the child's progress. Recently, Sotogrande International School has a new residence and a golf club. In every European country, whether it's Switzerland, Germany or Spain, there exists a school that fits your child. The main thing - in time to begin the process of preparing and drafting documents. In some schools, there is still a place for September 2012.

About the Author: Charlie Rety is a student. She is from Boston. She studies in Europe. She is interested in writing. She has her own blog about education at 


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From: fraserkirk
03/20/2018 12:09:18

I didn't know earlier that European schools had gotten that much popular. I mean their ratings are currently off the charts. Though I have to personally write me an essay and get it completed as soon as possible before I could progress any further.

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