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Steps To Configure Roadrunner Account On IPhone6
Posted On 09/16/2017 01:53:07 by roadrunnerhelp

It is a free emailing service where sending and receiving of messages is a simple task. As work pressure is more in private companies, so everyone needs a good storage capacity for their emails and this is provided by RR. It is linked with the Warner cable and you have to log-in to this cable for reaching RR. Get in touch with Roadrunner Technical Support to know the further details.

Operating Apple phones is not that complex as people think about. For installing this app on your iPhone, follow the instructions given below:

1.  Unlock your phone screen and open the settings option. It depends on the type of lock you have created like pattern, pin or touch.

2.  If you want, you can unfold it from the flag menu as considering the quick work. For opening this, you have to swipe your screen from down.

3.  Until the section of Mail, contacts, and calendars.

4.  Hit on ‘adding a fresh account’. Tap on ‘others’ for adding RR email login.

5.  Many email apps like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo would be already installed on your device, but you have to install this manually.

6.   Type the valid Id and password for this in the space provided.

7.  Your auto-configuration mode must be turned off and then describe your account in the next step.

8.  The name would be visible on the www RR com sign-in page.

9.  Write the settings of the incoming server which will be written as POP-server.rr.com.

10.  Disable or uncheck the security type option and write 110 in the port number box.

11.  Now come to the outgoing server settings, enter mobile-smtp.RR.com in the field of SMTP, once again disable the security option, and then tap ‘ok’ for configuration.

12.  By sliding it to the right side, turn on the toggle switch to sync your ID.

13.  It will sync TWC email account and then hit on ‘save’ to confirm the changes done.

In case, you need to have more info, Contact Roadrunner Support Number 1800-817-695. The skilled employees are there to resolve your queries within a quick span of time by giving best suggestions.

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