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Everything Esports at EGX 2017 Including UK Premiership LoL and CS: GO Schedules
Posted On 09/26/2017 20:02:05 by alina17705

The UK’s biggest video game event takes place between Thursday September 21st and Sunday 24th as EGX 2017 is hosted at the NEC convention center in Birmingham, England.

This huge event literally has everything on offer,CSGO Ak47 Skins, from the latest blockbuster games available to play, through to a jobs fair where you can get yourself in a work in the gaming industry.

What’s even more important, is that EGX 2017 has an entire area dedicated to competitive video gaming, aka, esports.

ESL is one of the biggest esports companies in the world, as well as they’ve got a set up that will feature tournaments from a range of different games to competitive gaming specific stalls and much more.

In order to help out, we’ve listed everything on offer if you’re in attendance at EGX 2017 below this handy diagram. The area is split into three main segments, with the Twitch Stage, ESL’s Premiership Stage and the ESL Arena, which houses all of the various booths.

Premiership Stage

You’ll find a range of tournaments taking place at the Premiership stage, through the UK finals for both League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. When not being used for those elite level competitions,Buy All CSGO Skins, there will also be a Rainbow 6 Invitational, Splatoon 2 and finally a Drone racing competition.

Thursday 21st September

10: 00 – League Of Legends Semi-Final 1

12: 00 – League Of Legends Semi-Final 2

16: 00 – League Of Legends Final

Friday 22nd Sept

11: 00 : Rainbow 6 UNITED KINGDOM Invitational Semi-Final one

13: 00 ~ Rainbow 6 BRITISH Invitational Semi-Final 2

16: 00 , Rainbow 6 GREAT BRITAIN Invitational Final

Saturday 23rd September

10: 00 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semi-Final 1

13: 30 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semi-Final two

17: 00 – Splatoon 2 Semi Finals

18: 00 – Splatoon a couple of Finals

Sunday 24th September

10: 00 – Rotor Rush

12: 00 : Counter-Strike: Global Unpleasant Finals

16: 00 – Pokken Finals

Twitch Stage

The biggest stage of them all in the event is the Twitch stage, and you’ll find everything from Tekken to National University esports League’s LoL finals taking place.

Across the weekend you’ll get to see some of the UK’s most popular Twitch partners take to the stage to compete against each other on numerous titles.

ESL Arena

This big open space will take up the majority of the space, and will allow those within attendance to do everything from play on 32 special PC’s that are all hooked up to each other.

You can also try out Oculus pods and retro arcade machines,Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins, do so virtual reality in the Intel Experience Zone and lastly buy as much as you’d like in the marketplace featuring stands from Zotac, MSI, Gigabyte and more..


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