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CS: GO Team Astralis Inks Partnership with Coco Fuzion 100
Posted On 09/28/2017 20:06:43 by alina17705

The leading Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis announced that it has entered into a partnership with Coco Fuzion 100. The latter is a rapidly growing beverage brand putting emphasis on healthy lifestyle. csgoskins,As a result of the relationship, Coco Fuzion one hundred is now Astralis’ Hydration Partner.

As a matter of fact, beverage brands are no strangers to the e-sports industry. What makes the collaboration between Astralis and Coco Fuzion a hundred stand out from the rest is that its objective is to promote the importance of hydration and healthy diet.

Although none of the parties disclosed information about the financial aspect, more or less reliable sources suggest that the deal is worth a seven-figure sum.

Philip Lindgaard, Head of Sales at C7 Brands Scandinavia, said that the market is currently dominated by beverages containing a lot of sugar and caffeine and added that the Coco Fuzion hundred is the most relevant alternative to all unhealthy productsout there. The drink is supposed to help players stay focused during tense matches without having a negative effect on their health. In conclusion, he said that he regards the partnership along with Astralis as a “unique opportunity for us [Coco Fuzion 75 - Ed] to make a real difference in a very interesting as well as growing market. ”

Lukas ”gla1ve” Rossander from Astralis said that in a competitive environment, talent and hard work were critical for success. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins.Still, factors such as exercise, right diet, proper equipment, and also optimal uniform were also essential for maintaining a knife sharp focus and preparing for major e-sports events.

Rossander went on to say that despite being essential for optimal performance, the right sugar balance along with hydration are often underestimated. That’s why the Astralis team was excited to work with Coco Fuzion 100 in addition to added that apart from being healthy, the actual drink was also extremely tasty.

In the release, Anders Hviid, Head of Marketing at C7 Brands Scandinavia, said that the company offers spotted the great potential of the e-sports business and recognized Astralis as one of the most promising CS: GO teams on a global scale. He also declared the collaboration together with Astralis gives them the opportunity to “challenge the particular norms” and “increase the focus on healthy living and performance optimization in the gaming community. ”

It seems that RFRSH, typically the agency that represents Astralis, is doing a great job with securing long-term partnerships. On the other hand, Chaveta Fuzion is heavily investing in marketing. The brand has signed more than 20 leading athletes as brand ambassadors including the boxer Chris Eubank Jr., often the rugby star Bob Robshaw and Sir Ian McGeechan. They also sponsor the Chelsea and Spain midfielder Pedro.

The consume has already achieved an overwhelming success in Ireland, Spain, and the Scandinavian region. Coco Fuzion 100 has recently entered the UK market plus secured listings in 2, 700 UK stores and 3, 500 leisure outlets.


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