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silk slip lingerie
Posted On 09/29/2017 00:46:28 by lingeriemanufacturer

Why a wedding dress line, and why silk slip lingerie now?Every time, more and more women are seeking versatility and ease, and having a chance to shine with more than one dress. Many clients started asking for custom Johanna Ortiz's wedding dresses; I wanted to start embracing the details and love what goes into designing and crafting a wedding gown.

Had you worked on cheap online lingerie stores wedding dresses before? I as a designer and woman have always been moved into this passionate and special creative process. I've always liked to design statement, luxurious dresses, so bridal just an exciting part of it.

How is the approach to wedding high quality lingerie dresses different to ready-to-wear?The challenge in brides is keeping femininity and elegance while adding romance. Everything has to be in balance; too much volume, or to sexy, or to simple doesn't work for me. The creative process behind applies similarly to bridal and results in designing dresses that are elegant, festive, feminine and why not sexy.

What is something best online lingerie that is overlooked with a wedding dress?We want our brides to feel ‘bridal' and elegant but be equally ready to celebrate. Separate pieces are ideal because they guarantee comfort and more laid back possibilities throughout the day or night.

What do you think differentiates your wedding dresses?I feel that all JO Brides are in search of a sort of ‘unexpected romance'. That is, effortlessness through a romantic, statement, and non-traditional dress that talks festiveness without losing sight of elegance.

What is one piece of sartorial advice you'd like to give a Johanna Ortiz bride?Always look for a dress that not only enhances your body traits but also shows your style and personality

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