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HELLRAISERS crusher start: the first two victims are SINGULARITY and FNATIC
Posted On 09/29/2017 19:57:01 by alina17705

It was good to follow the HellRaisers that afternoon because they were both in two games and showed very good games.

The first BO3 starts to oppose the singularity, CSGO AWP Skins,ANGE1 becomes the protagonist again;

Ukrainian players have been prominent in several matches.

The goal is to go to WCA in 2017, but the "A" group still has opponents.

For some time, Denmark has been formed by players from Sweden and bosnia, not a good human resource.

They begin to compete with hell, which is a strange choice.

In the first half, the difference between the two teams didn't really exist until the second half, when the CT went into the roller coaster, allowing only one turn to the singularity: 16-8 also won the starting circuit.

The cache started well with DeadFoxs, and the first game was 11-4.

Not so good in T, the Singularity climbed a bit, however the success ended the game: 16-11 was the end of HR and went 2-0.

Below, a heavier opponent has to look like a Wolf;

Arrived in fnatic.

This game is about Hellraisers' unmarked player, ISSAA, who is worth signing a contract for a good performance.

Swedes play harder.

Fnatic chose the first track, which was Cache,Buy All CSGO Skins, and they managed to pull down to 16-12, and they went to 1 minus 0.

These people can't make any mistakes here.

In the city of Mir, the human resources team got at least 0 K/D, but they were a very difficult game: 16-13 was the favorite of HellRaisers.

After a decisive map, pebbles, for DeadFoxs better, more exciting, they found that Sweden scored 1 . 77, ended without human resources dominant last process;

Over the two games, the players got caught, and also the last two new members as well as the team together, perhaps it is time and ISSAA signed, and keep the first-class ensemble.


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