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Win hero mobile legnds games
Posted On 12/07/2017 01:32:22 by hereweare

Have not reached Glorious Legend yet? Here is the best Mobile Legends hero with a high win rate that can help you win easily in this December!

Playing Mobile Legends is fun, especially if you win! But otherwise if lost, it's like to rage to see the rank that has been laboriously rising, immediately down drastically.

This time, we will give you a leak of Mobile Legends hero during November of 2017. The list of heroes is derived from looking at win rate statistics, and the popularity of each hero in this meta.

Curious who's the hero who can make you win easily? Just check the following list!


hero mobile legends best

After a drastic change a few months ago, Akai instantly skyrocketed to become the number one Mobile Legends hero! With a win rate of 54.64 percent, Akai is now a combination of tanks as well as fighter making it able to play aggressively.


Now, all of his skills are doing damage. While the passive skill that is Tai Chi, will give Shield after Akai use the skill! Attacking there, persist also exist. Cool is not it?


Marksman is no longer a day? Eits, who said? The proof, Irithel is still a winning subscription you know! If the item is so, indeed Irithel can be a very feared archer with a skyrocketing attack damage.

Do not expect to run away, because Irithel has the ultimate that can jump forward, then get additional damage for his attacks. You might run, but you can not escape from Irithel!
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Do not underestimate this cute hero! Behind his red veil, Ruby is an assassin who is able to keep chasing his opponent so lively using his skill. He is no longer a timid Red Riding Hood!

All of Ruby's skills give damage to his opponent. Not only that, his two skills, Do not Run Wolf King and I'm Offended, were able to pull his opponent back nearer so they could not escape.


Since its presence in Mobile Legends, Argus's hero immediately skyrocketed, becoming one of the best Mobile Legends heroes you can use to win easily!

From his skill, arguably Argus is like an angel of death who can not die! All his skills are also disable, and allow Argus to keep chasing his opponent to death.

Thanks to his ultimate skill, Argus feels immortal, so he can initiate without fear! Argus is the best Mobile Legends hero you should try this December.


Lastly there is Grock. Although he belonged to the hero tank, but his presence in the battle arena had a huge impact on victory!

All Grock's skills have great damage, increasing his mobility, as well as blocking the movement of opponents. Less what else? Judging from all Grock's skills, it has been proven that Grock is the best Mobile Legends hero in the tank class.
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