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Top 3 Fun Apps to Raise Your Environmental Awareness
Posted On 02/13/2018 07:48:48 by Lookatme

Thinking about environmental awareness, we imagine activities that take up our time and effort to change our lifestyles for the better. However, the term ‘awareness’ has more to do with your mind and your attitude. Here are some fun and easy ways to help you start thinking green

Earth Day was first celebrated in April 1970 to raise environmental awareness. However, it is obvious that being environmentally aware just one day a year it not enough to make a positive impact on the ecological situation in the world or even in a small locality. To do that, one needs to be environmentally aware all the time. Being environmentally aware does to resort to forcing yourself and your family and friends to sort their garbage, save energy, use particular goods, etc. All these activities will be tiresome chores unless you have ecology on your mind at all times. Once you do, however, they become automatic and self-explanatory, - this is what environmental awareness is about.

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So, to work on your environmental awareness does not mean forcing new, green-conscious chores upon yourself. It is more about letting the importance of ecology get into your head and influence your every decision. Here are some fun apps to do it:


The National Geographic Association has teamed up with Max Polyakov’s Murka to create this slot game. If you are into slot games, you might as well play knowing that your in-game purchases are spent for one of National Geographic Association’s environmental causes. But even if you play without spending any money, you can get yourself educated about world nature and indigenous cultures by having the pictures from National Geographic Association to look at throughout your gameplay.


This educational game was developed by Edoki Academy and is basically a farming game. However, unlike most farming games, it goes into much greater detail about planting, nurturing, and growing your garden. You get to manage an entire ecosystem, and each decision has consequences. This is a great way to learn about renewable resources and responsible agriculture.


Of course, learning to appreciate nature is not all about sitting with your smartphone. You should still be encouraged to do it the old school way by going outdoors. But even here, apps can be of great help here. For instance, recreation.gov website and app will help you find parks and recreation areas in your neighborhood and learn more about them before you make up your mind about going there. In other words, you don’t have to just blindly go anywhere you see something green. You get to know exactly the best nature spots.

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