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Max Polyakov’s EOS Data Analysis Launches Innovative Solution for Real-World Issues
Posted On 04/12/2018 07:54:47 by Waverly

Max Polyakov’s EOS Data Analysis, a Menlo Park based startup, has recently released a revolutionary multi-purpose solution, known as EOS Crop Monitoring. To Max Polyakov, all the members of the agriculture supply-chain will benefit from the new cloud-based platform

Image credit: EOS via Instagram

Max Polyakov’s EOS Data Analysis, a GIS-data gathering and analyzing startup, has recently developed a unique EOS Crop Monitoring platform that is able to offer new kinds of processed data for farmers, traders, suppliers and crop insurance companies. The new solution is a result of a three-year effective cooperation of the company’s scientists, engineers and industry experts.   

According to Max Polyakov, EOS Crop Monitoring will provide specific sensing data on demand. The crop yield forecasts, vegetation indices, soil moisture, crop conditions and even detailed weather forecasts on different scales are among the key features of the new cloud-based platform.

EOS Crop Monitoring, as a part of Max Polyakov’s EOS, can be licensed as a white-label product. This can easily boost interaction between the members of any agricultural chain, increasing the efficiency of their work.  

According to Max Polyakov, EOS developed a deep-learning solution that is able to distinguish and classify different types of crops using innovative satellite imagery. The main part of the architecture is a neural network that is used for segmentation of optical imagery and restoration of different kinds of missing data.

The new tool contains a powerful engine, called EOS EngineTM.  Being a Platform-as-a-Service solution, EOS EngineTM can automatically delete shadows and cloud cover, as well as operate with large amounts of data.

Image credit: EOS via Instagram

Max Polyakov affirms that EOS Crop Monitoring can boast precise algorithms for gathering data, making predictions and managing a wide range of crop conditions that can easily elevate crop performance. The new platform is able to connect with partner applications using a flexible API. Therefore, it is able to manage risks, increase efficiency and provide the most accurate data for planning operational activities. Max’s Polyakov EOS can gather images for different types of satellites and provide near real-time updates at the scale of a field, region and even a country.

EOS with its modern methods and algorithms are currently verified in Europe and North America.


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