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Why You Should Not Waste Too Much Money on a Glass Bong
Posted On 05/16/2018 03:14:55 by tomclark

Like all things we love in life, a glass bong will come to an end. Anything made of glass is quite fragile really, and bongs are no exception, they will shatter all over your floor eventually. You can be as careful as you like but one day, if not you, a friend of yours will get a little clumsy and accidentally send it toppling over the edge of your coffee table. If it happens to be a piece you formed a nice bond with over the years, that might turn into a pretty tragic and harrowing experience. For some people, the stinging pain they feel might stem from the money they spent on it rather than a place of sentimentality. Lord knows high quality bongs can be freaking expensive, especially so when it’s hand blown and incorporates creative and funky designs.

    There are tons of quality glass vendors that can hook you up with a glass bong that is both high quality and inexpensive. Before making an investment in that sick 300$ limited edition Illadelph or whatever it may be that catches your eye, you really have to ask yourself how reasonable that is in whatever financial position you find yourself in. It’s pretty awesome if there’s really zero drawback to worry about and dropping that amount of cash or even more is a simple matter that doesn’t require though, but that isn't the reality for most people out there.

The truth is, more money spent on a glass bong doesn’t necessarily improve much when it comes to the overall smoking experience. The size of the piece and the number of percolators doesn’t affect much besides the amount of smoke you can build up and inhale in one shot. Lots of percolators don’t do anything to make the smoke any healthier for your lungs, they simply cool the smoke more efficiently so that you can take massive rips without dying, but that just means you’re taking even more harmful smoke in with each rip than you normally would.

    As tempting as it may be to get that sick glass piece to show off to all your friends next time they come over for a sesh, it’s really worthwhile to evaluate the legitimate value that bong will bring you.

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