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5 Quick Tips that You Must Know For Gate 2019 Exam Preparation
Posted On 07/11/2018 03:54:58 by technoherald

“Is there are any tips or tricks to crack Gate 2019 in just few months?”

The most common question that always arises in every aspirant’s mind who are preparing for Gate exam 2019. And if this question is in your mind as well then luckily you are at right place.

As here you will get few tips that would help you in Gate preparation 2019 exam. In this article we are going to provide some tips and tricks for the preparation of Gate 2019 exam.

So, now take a look on 5 tips for Gate 2019 preparation.

Gate 2019 Exam Preparation Tips


#1: Go through Gate 2019 syllabus

The very first step that you should take is to read the syllabus thoroughly before starting your preparation. So, just go through every topic of your each subject that is mentioned in syllabus of Gate. It is very much important to distinguish the topic or subject that you should study and what not to study.

However, in choosing the relevant topic won’t take much time because you have already studied all those subject during your B.Tech/B.E course. So, you know which subject is easy to prepare and what you can ignore.

#2: Solve previous years question papers

Solving previous year question papers is one of the best method to understand the question pattern asked in Gate exams. Therefore, all you need is to solve at least one previous years set through practice papers by yourself.

Solving practice set or previous year question papers along with the explanations will surely help you to secure the success in the gate exam.

#3: Always Read standard books

Standard books are mostly written by experienced professors of reputed Universities or institutes. The information available in those books are well examined both on practical and theoretical measurements.

Moreover, Gate papers are written by the IIT, NIT professor who have already written many national and international books and articles. Therefore try to read books of standard publications such as Wiley, Tata McGraw-Hill (TMH) etc.

#4: Today is the best time to start

Despite of waiting for last 3 to 4 months start you preparation now only. As today is the best time to start you preparation of Gate 2019. Instead of being hurry in last 3 to 4 months start your preparation targeting Gate exam 2019 as soon as possible.

There are several Gate Coaching Centers that can guide you properly and also help you in your preparation. So, if you have any queries during your preparation then you can join there also.

#5: Make proper plan

Making a proper plan is very much essential before starting Gate 2019 preparation seriously. Just make a complete schedule of what and how you have to study. This is necessary when you are preparing for the Gate exam along with your college studies.

So, if you have confusion during the preparation then you can visit top Best Gate coaching Patna. They will surely help in solving you all queries that strikes in your mind while preparation.


So, don’t forget to consider the aforementioned tips before starting your preparation for Gate exam 2019. And without wasting any time, start your preparation now with full enthusiasm. It will surely lead to the success in the Gate exam.

All the best for your Gate Exam.

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