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Gambit brings on Andi as coach
Posted On 10/07/2017 20:21:05 by alina17705

A coach from the CIS region has found himself a major-winning team to lead into battle, after he was removed from his team several months ago.

Former Natus Vincere coach Andrey "Andi" Prokhorov is the new head coach of the CIS powerhouse Offrande Esports. Buy All CSGO Skins.He'll fill the vacant position after two months of being out of commission, with the PGL Krakow Major being his last event as Na'Vi's coach.

In early August, Andi was replaced with Ka... Read More

the artifact of the battle, sells thousands of CSGO and still sticks to...
Posted On 10/06/2017 20:34:11 by alina17705

In the 80s and 90s, in the memory of the players, the Internet cafe in China was also the world of CS. In the primary school, the game daily Aggro didn't skip school and run away to play with the students.

However , in junior high school, CS's time began to be turned over, followed by the domestic FPS game through the fire line, buy csgoskins,although innovation is not much, but the advantages of online games are there.

After CS slowly fades out of view, CF begins to adapt to... Read More

HELLRAISERS crusher start: the first two victims are SINGULARITY and FNATIC
Posted On 09/29/2017 19:57:01 by alina17705

It was good to follow the HellRaisers that afternoon because they were both in two games and showed very good games.

The first BO3 starts to oppose the singularity, CSGO Awp Skins,ANGE1 becomes the protagonist again;

Ukrainian players have been prominent in several matches.

The goal is to go to WCA in 2017, but the "A" group still has opponents.

For some time, Denmark has been formed by players from Sweden and bosnia, not a good human resource.

They begin to... Read More

CS: GO Team Astralis Inks Partnership with Coco Fuzion 100
Posted On 09/28/2017 20:06:43 by alina17705

The leading Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis announced that it has entered into a partnership with Coco Fuzion 100. The latter is a rapidly growing beverage brand putting emphasis on healthy lifestyle. csgoskins,As a result of the relationship, Coco Fuzion one hundred is now Astralis’ Hydration Partner.

As a matter of fact, beverage brands are no strangers to the e-sports industry. What makes the collaboration between Astralis and Coco Fuzion a hundred st... Read More

The First Team to Use New Rule Change Qualify for IEM Oakland
Posted On 09/27/2017 20:09:51 by alina17705

The Mongolian roster of TheMongolz entered and won the IEM Oakland South-East Asia Qualifier using IEM’s new rules that allowed them to compete outside of their local region.

IEM is a series of international esports tournaments held around the world, and is hosted by ESL. The next tournament in the series will be the $300, 000 IEM Oakland 2017 that will begin on the 16th of November.

A new rule change by the organizer allows teams to apply to participate in... Read More

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