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Valve Set to Reveal the Next CS: GO Major
Posted On 10/30/2017 23:50:14 by alina17705

Valve, the creators of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, are set to reveal the date of the next Main tournament as they start the selection process for the second Major of 2018.

CS: GO Majors are the largest events on the games calendar,Where to buy csgo skins, and are often more than $1, 000, 000 tournaments in the biggest stadiums with all the highest ranked teams in attendance.

Device has come under pressure in 2017 to release the dates of their Majors further in advance.... Read More

GO: SK Gaming wins FaZe and is eligible for the playoffs 2017 playoffs
Posted On 10/27/2017 20:16:27 by alina17705

Brazil beat the world number one 2-1 in the squad

In Europe SK Gaming has won a family in the epicenter of the earthquake in 2017, the anti-terrorist elite: a global offensive in Russia. CSGO M4A4 Skins.Brazil and ricardo "bolz" Prass replaced Joao "felps" Vasconcelos, defeating European 2 x 1 .

The game was effective against group A, starting with the Brazilian who played the terrorist in hell. Even in the case of a digital defect, SK quickly established an advantage. Losing... Read More

Second Chance to Reach the Major for the Immortals CS: GO Team
Posted On 10/25/2017 01:20:09 by alina17705

After their dreams of reaching the Major had been dashed by their defeat in the Minor qualifiers, Immortals have now received a second chance to qualify.

Immortals is a Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that is, at the time of writing, ranked 53rd by HLTV. Their low ranking reflects the traumatic events of September, which saw their roster implode and a new team to form.

Three members of the team were released from the roster after they failed to arrive on time to th... Read More

CS: go-go (again) leaving Natus Vincere
Posted On 10/19/2017 19:43:07 by alina17705

Dennis "grabbed" kostin to leave the nastwinstown again for the second time in the last four months, announcing the cis coach gunn.

The 20-year-old ukrainians will remain in the organization for a while as an inactive player. Buy All CSGO Skins。The vacant site will be temporarily filled by a class of players from the spiritual college. It's not clear if the team will be recovered, but the more realistic scenario is that after 4 years of gaming, the organization changed the organi... Read More

CS: the go-2018 qualifying scandal
Posted On 10/16/2017 19:56:20 by alina17705

The qualification of ELEAGUE Major, held next year, is under way, with a wide banner banner during the game, as well as repeated delays and the entire organization's ineligible competition, which has been shaken throughout the scene.

Are these the most serious organizational qualifications of all time? First,buy csgoskins, there was no advance notice by the team, so some teams could not arrange their visas in time, except for the failure of the organization, the news of all parties... Read More

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