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The russians gained WESG's European qualification through CS: GO
Posted On 11/29/2017 19:24:06 by alina17705

CS women's team: GO Russian is eligible for the European zone in the upcoming online Olympic world e-sports competition. In the final with a 2-0 win, Swedish network athletes from the royal game women were reruns. Russian women won $10, 000 and won admission to the world finals.

The actual decisive phase of WESG will be held in Shanghai in March 2018. Buy All Csgo Skins.Women's CS: GO will make $170, 000. Only the national team can compete.

Barcelona, Spain

qualifying... Read More

How to Stop a Losing Streak in CS: GO
Posted On 11/29/2017 17:47:38 by lixiaoping

From basketball to baseball to esports, losing streaks are a reality in any competitive game. Victory depends upon a number of factors ranging anywhere from team contribution to just plain luck. As such, CSGO Skins it is not uncommon to find yourself ripping out your hair and uninstalling the game because you just can’t stop losing. Don’t fret. There are always things you can do to get out of that nasty slump and start winning games again.

What is a losing streak?

Ev... Read More

Sudden awkward moment - female CS: GO
Posted On 11/28/2017 19:26:57 by alina17705

When Russian forces and Dyansty fe hit the women's portion of WESG, 1v3 managed to make zAAZ a pistol. On the Russian side, AWP, AK and M4 are not enough to extract zAAz from the market, but further development, the candy begins to look for field guards at 1v3. He was no longer the most profitable player, CSGO Ak47 Skins,and when he was angry, he had already come out and beat the table.

ZAAz and Juliano left gamer. Hu before the rest of the team woke up

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What Valve Can Learn from Riot Games
Posted On 11/28/2017 17:42:17 by lixiaoping

Esports Ain’t Easy: What Valve Can Learn from Riot Games

Over the past year, Valve’s updates to CSGO Skins have been few and far between, but while these patches lack in frequency, they’ve almost always been significant. In the time that’s passed since the release of the R8 Revolver, Valve have redesigned the Negev, made “small” adjustments to gun balancing, and, of course , overhauled classic Counter-Strike maps like Inferno and Nuke.

The changes to rifles w... Read More

The SEC continues with Hungarian troops tonight
Posted On 11/27/2017 19:24:00 by alina17705

GameAgents and Pixel are playing in the SEC today, and the goal is the semi-finals of the midfield.

The online qualifying competition for ESL's southeastern European championships was opened at Pixel, and GameAgents was invited. This evening, the game is still going on, the game will not go to the Bucharest final. The first three teams will play and also the fourth will come from Romania.

In Hungary, first with Romania GameAgents SinnerS team (Bo3) in 18 point game, -pixel point f... Read More

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