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The Importance of English language skills in University Education
Posted On 03/28/2018 06:51:21 by Raytrey

As a student who is about to complete his college studies, I would like to share with you what I learnt about the importance of linguistic skills over the years I have spent in college. The reality is that you need to possess good academic English skills to excel in your university studies. Now the question is what is meant by academic English? How to distinguish it from normal English of daily life? Well... Read More

Some factors to consider while applying for Education Loan
Posted On 03/28/2018 05:58:32 by anayashroff2

An increasing number of Indian students are now aspiring to pursue higher studies at top-notch universities or premier institutes either in India or abroad. However, pursuing professional studies in engineering, doctorate or aviation, postgraduate degrees is no piece of cake due to the escalating cost of education. Parent’s save up for the Education costs of their children, and meritorious students bank a scholarship, however, the creeping costs will just not help this amo... Read More

The significance of extra-curricular activities in schools
Posted On 03/21/2018 04:02:03 by jeet

Schools play a significant role in everybody's life. It leads to the overall development because of the various activities that are carried out in school. They have a solid impact on us.

Quality Education is the base foundation for building the personality of the individual.

Along with teaching, it’s the extra-curricular activities that help physical skill development of your child.

Sector 57 school... Read More

Research Paper Writing: Some Important Facts You Should Know
Posted On 03/09/2018 06:55:01 by WilsonS101

Writing a research paper is not a difficult task. However, there are some basic steps you have to follow, failure to which, your research paper will be of poor quality. This is advice that any professional essay writer will give you. In this article, we are going to highlight some six steps you need to follow when writing a res... Read More

Blended or blended, what's the difference?
Posted On 03/05/2018 02:13:14 by kay333lol

What is the definition of a blended classroom? Well, it depends on who you ask. At the college level a blended class is one that meets F2F sometimes and takes place on the computer at other times. In secondary Education a blended class is one where many different students are taking a variety of courses while a certified teacher is present. That they both are online classes is where the similarities end. Public schools systems are doing the best they can to prepare students for college and ca... Read More

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