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Christmas Stockings
Posted On 05/13/2014 18:11:10 by labixiaoxin

Construction is the foundation of clothing and of fashion design; it is vital that fashion designers know and understand the techniques involved in creating a three-dimensional garment from a two-dimensional design or pattern in order to create a beautiful shape and fit on a moving body. Garment construction involves both technical and design issues; Christmas Stockings the designer can choose where to construct lines, pockets, collars, how to finish edges and how to produce volume and stru... Read More

Wholesale Pantyhose
Posted On 05/13/2014 18:10:34 by labixiaoxin

Once a designer’s creation is set for production, it’s time to gather the materials! If you read the label inside any clothing piece, you can see the materials used to make it. Examples include polyester or cotton. These are types of fibers that are turned into textiles, and ultimately, clothing. Textile designers lay Wholesale Pantyhose the groundwork for cloth production. It is their job to choose the colors, prints, and textures. The future of fabric lies in their hands! Take a behi... Read More

Wholesale Stockings
Posted On 05/13/2014 18:09:56 by labixiaoxin

After a sketch is drawn up as a blueprint, what comes next? A designer makes a pattern and garment sample of her idea. She starts by cutting and draping fabric around a dress form. This shows how the piece will look on a person. Many designers use muslin fabric for draping because it is cheap and flexible. Wholesale Stockings If a designer is working for a large company, her designs could become part of a clothing line. To make it that far, they must survive a review process. A review team... Read More

Leg Wear & Stockings
Posted On 05/13/2014 18:07:34 by labixiaoxin

Fashion designers aren’t just artists. They're creators. Designers brainstorm for new ideas every day. In order to keep fresh ideas coming, designers look for inspiration. Leg Wear & Stockings Some designers build collages from pictures or fabric samples. Clothing can also be inspired by music or movies. Fashion is a cycle. In other words, trends that were popular many years ago often come back in stylo. Designers often look to the past. They come up with new twists on old favorites.... Read More

fifa ultimate team coins Korea top anchorwoman promised bikini sexy...
Posted On 05/06/2014 23:01:42 by Adela41

Korea team in the group stage in the last round of the battle of life and death, fifa ultimate team coins 2 2 thrilling draw with a strong team, and Argentina teams qualify for South Africa's World Cup last 16. Korea team outside the World Cup, advancing to the playoffs for the first time, also in the Korea domestic causing a huge stir, even the sexiest anchorwoman promised, ESPN Cui Huazhen wear bikini mirror than Guinea live show

The Sexy woman named Cui Huazhen, she... Read More

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