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Various forms of stainless steel butterfly valves
Posted On 10/10/2017 13:29:51 by flange

The stainless Steel butterfly valve, as a kind of component used to realize the flow control and flow control of pipeline system, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, hydropower and other fields. In the already known butterfly valve technology, its sealing form is mostly sealed, the sealing material is rubber, ptfe and so on. Categorize in structural form (1) center seal butterfly valve (2) the single-eccentric seal coal valve Double eccentric seal butterfly valve (4) thre... Read More

What are the uses of a stainless steel sight glass
Posted On 10/09/2017 15:33:20 by flange

Nowadays, industrial automation is becoming more and more common today, and in production, a well-made vision Sight Glass is indispensable. A stainless Steel Sight Glass is a product that is installed on a pipe or device to check the work of the internal materials at any time. The stainless Steel viewing Sight Glass is a visual Sight Glass made from the main material, such as 304/316/321/316l. It has high corrosion resistance and easy to process and beautiful appearance. In the meantime, the... Read More

Technology and requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings
Posted On 10/08/2017 13:37:22 by flange

The stainless Steel pipes of different sizes, in accordance with the stainless Steel pipe welding unique place, as far as possible to reduce the amount of heat input, so the use of manual electric arc welding and argon arc welding of two methods, d> with the diameter of 159 mm using the argon arc welding, manual arc cap. The TIG D is less than or equal to 159 mm. Stainless Steel pipe welding technical requirements are as follows: In manual arc welding, the welding machine adopts DC reverse... Read More

Study on Weldability of Duplex Stainless Steel UNS S31803
Posted On 10/01/2017 12:35:57 by flange

Duplex stainless Steel is generally divided into four types: Cr18, Cr21, Cr25 and super duplex stainless Steel with 25% to 26%. UNS S31803 is a standard duplex stainless steel, Cr21 type, accounting for more than 80% of the total duplex stainless steel. In the production of UNS S31803 is widely used, especially in the application of many operation medium acid, nitrogen, acetophenone equipment, the medium is highly toxic and explosive, temperature is generally high and equipment, close to 200... Read More

Plastic steel profile referred to as steel
Posted On 09/29/2017 18:40:10 by dasion

Plastic Steel profile referred to as steel, the main chemical composition is PVC, it is also called PVC profiles. Is widely used as a new type of building materials, because of its physical properties such as rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance is excellent, commonly used as copper, zinc, aluminum a nd other non-ferrous metals excellent substitutes. In the building construction is mainly used for sliding, sliding doors and windows, fence, pipe and ceiling mate... Read More

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