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Causes of tensile cracking of stainless steel pipes and preventive measures
Posted On 07/04/2018 16:12:05 by flange

Sometimes the cracking phenomenon of tensile stainless Steel pipe, the scene appears diversified, there are four kinds of common, respectively after tensile deformation, from the die exit occurs immediately after tensile deformation, impact or vibration occurs after tensile deformation, there is a section of time or in use.
The main reasons are low ductility, high modulus of elasticity and high hardening exponent... Read More

Factors affecting the wall thickness of stainless steel water pipe
Posted On 06/21/2018 03:12:36 by flange

In various practical applications, the thickness of stainless Steel water pipes will not be exactly the same. There are many factors that influence the adjustment of wall thickness, such as mechanics, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, economy, connection mode and so on. This is a detailed analysis of these factors.
First, the effects of material mechanics, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are ob... Read More

Connection methods of stainless steel pipe fittings and their advantages...
Posted On 06/20/2018 05:35:10 by flange

There are many ways to connect the stainless Steel pipe fittings, the main ones are the pressure-type connection, the ring pressure connection, the flange connection, the groove connection, the welding connection and the taper thread connection. They are both good and bad, and in practice they need to find the best way.

Compression coupl... Read More

Advantages and disadvantages of adding titanium in austenitic stainless...
Posted On 06/19/2018 06:26:34 by flange

When chromium - nickel austenitic stainless steel is heated to the temperature range of 450-800 C, corrosion often occurs along the grain boundary, which is called intergranular corrosion. Generally speaking, intergranular corrosion is actually carbon element precipitated from Cr23C6 in the metallographic structure of saturated austenite, resulting in poor austenite structure at grain boundaries. Therefore, it is an effective way to prevent chromium poor from grain boundary to preve... Read More

Factors to be paid attention to in the process of solid solution...
Posted On 06/18/2018 07:20:33 by flange

During the process of solid solution treatment, stainless Steel pipes need to pay attention to the influence of protective atmosphere, temperature and cooling speed.
The first is the light online solution treatment procedures, stainless Steel pipe in the production process caused by rolling, drawing and welding heat effect, will lead to pipe structure and mechanical property will have no small change, will affect... Read More

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