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The relationship between surface treatment and corrosion resistance of...
Posted On 09/28/2017 14:17:43 by flange

The surface of the stainless Steel pipe (especially after electrolytic polishing and mechanical polishing) has a good passivation layer and has a strong corrosion resistance. The inner and outer surface of the surface is clean and high, and the adhesion of the medium is rarely conducive to corrosion resistance. The less the surface finish, the less the liquid med... Read More

Stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes cannot be placed together
Posted On 09/27/2017 13:22:48 by flange

Stainless Steel pipe and carbon Steel pipe can not be stacked together, because the carbon Steel pipe and stainless Steel pipe material is not the same, in a humid environment, if the carbon Steel pipe and stainless Steel pipe together is very simple attack chemical reaction, and then Damage the protective layer of stainless Steel pipe, resulting in rusty stainless Steel pipe. Different pieces of Steel together with the touch of the words will be the potential difference, and then lead to ele... Read More

Analysis on Cracking of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe in Drawing
Posted On 09/26/2017 13:38:49 by flange

The extension rate of 304 stainless Steel pipe is low, the elastic modulus E is larger, the hardening exponent is higher, and the thickness is small (304 stainless Steel pipe is 0.9 ~ 0.11, soft Steel is 1.3 ~ 2.0). The 304 stainless Steel pipe material is short in the plastic deformation stage, especially its plastic strain ratio. 304 stainless Steel pipe sheet pull deep cracking sometimes occurs after pull deep deformation, and the gambling company sometimes occurs when th... Read More

Manufacturing process of steel pipe fittings
Posted On 09/25/2017 14:46:22 by flange

Main technological process of Steel pipe fittings: > shaping (welding) > heat treatment > surface treatment > cutting processing > non-destructive testing > surface protection > logo (1) blanking The material used for pipe fittings is mainly pipe, sheet and rod, and the method is selected according to the material characteristics and the shape of the blank of the product. The shape, size and other requirements of the blank are carried out according to the process requirem... Read More

constancy and acceptable Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
Posted On 08/20/2017 23:59:17 by benli

It would be aberrant for anyone to discount superior if it comes to affairs kitchen sinks. Undeniably, a kitchen bore is not Oven Accessories an capital but a consistently in use basic of any kitchen. There was a time if stainless steel, as a anew alien material, was advised appropriate for kitchen sinks, behindhand of the size, shape, and type. It was a aristocratic choice!

Although abounding abstracts are accessible to accomplish kitchen sinks, stainless animate is still a ast... Read More

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