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Pay attention to these points when producing 304 stainless steel pipes
Posted On 11/15/2017 14:51:52 by flange

​304 stainless Steel pipe is a kind of high alloy steel, in all kinds of medium has good corrosion resistance, the surface appearance of this kind of stainless Steel pipe is more beautiful, when used in general without plating processing, unless there is a special requirement for use.
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The manufacturing process of stainless steel pipe fittings
Posted On 11/14/2017 14:43:49 by flange

The basic machining process of stainless Steel pipe fittings is mainly composed of blanking, forming (welding), heat treatment, surface treatment, cutting processing, nondestructive testing, surface protection and marking.

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Common problems of stainless steel pipes in smelting, forging and rolling
Posted On 11/13/2017 12:44:14 by flange

The general process of stainless Steel pipes in smelting and forging rolling, more or less some stainless Steel processing problems, causes and external manifestations of many kinds of stainless Steel pipes in this paper, these problems, after sorting out reference.

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Application of stainless steel angle bar
Posted On 11/12/2017 14:49:47 by flange

Stainless Steel angle bar is a commonly used carbon structural Steel in the construction area. It is a relatively simple section profile stainless steel. The most common use is to make metal components and architectural frames. There are several main requirements for the use of stainless Steel angle bar, which are good plastic deformation, welding property and certain mechanical strength. The finished product stainless Steel Angle is usually hot rolled, positive or hot rolled. At present... Read More

How to clean the stainless steel elbow
Posted On 11/08/2017 12:44:31 by flange

Usually when the stainless Steel elbow rust, usually with a special cleaning agent for cleaning rust. And in daily use should also be more cleaning. Such as stainless Steel elbow, surface dust or easy to remove stains, it should be washed with warm water or weak detergent, and even soapy water is also possible. If the stainless Steel elbow on the surface of the trademark and other sticky film, but also can be washed with weak detergent, but after washing, but also with clean water a... Read More

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