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Role of various major chemical elements in stainless steel
Posted On 02/01/2018 02:02:47 by flange

The chemical elements are often used in the Steel industry, there are about more than 20 species, is stainless steel, commonly used elements of a dozen, in addition to iron, can affect the microstructure and properties of stainless Steel elements are carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese, silicon, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, titanium, manganese, c... Read More

Effect of molybdenum element in stainless steel welded pipe
Posted On 01/31/2018 04:09:23 by flange

Molybdenum is mainly used in iron and Steel industry, generally more than 80% is added to the molybdenum in steel, only about 20% to produce metal molybdenum, molybdenum alloy, super alloy and special chemical products, they are mainly used in petroleum chemical industry, light industry, electronics and other high-tech fields.
Molybdenum in stainless Steel welded pipe may enhance hardenability and... Read More

How to identify stainless steel and stainless iron
Posted On 01/30/2018 03:13:07 by flange

Stainless iron is a kind of stainless steel, the material mainly has 409, 410, 430, 444, which belongs to the martensitic and ferritic stainless steel, they will be attracted to a magnet. While the stainless Steel can resist unity refers to the atmosphere or chemical substances such as acid corrosion of steel. But it is not stainless Steel does not... Read More

Corrosion during installation and use of stainless steel pipe fittings
Posted On 01/29/2018 03:00:48 by flange

Because the stainless Steel pipe fittings in the chloride ion more widespread and corrosive medium environment, will destroy the surface passivation membrane, and formation of corrosion pits, combined with the surface of the part of the inclusions, poor chrome area, grain boundary and dislocation, the stainless Steel surface is very susceptibl... Read More

Comparison of performance between duplex stainless steel pipes and other...
Posted On 01/28/2018 05:25:12 by flange

Duplex stainless Steel pipe is in the solution structure of ferrite in the microstructure and the austenite microstructure about each accounted for 50%, the less content usually have reached 30%, so the duplex stainless Steel pipe with ferrite stainless Steel and austenitic stainless Steel pipe properties.

... Read More

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