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The Importance of English language skills in University Education
Posted On 03/28/2018 06:51:21

As a student who is about to complete his college studies, I would like to share with you what I learnt about the importance of linguistic skills over the years I have spent in college. The reality is that you need to possess good academic English skills to excel in your university studies. Now the question is what is meant by academic English? How to distinguish it from normal English of daily life? Well, in simple terms, academic English is the kind of English you see in your study materials.

As a university student, you need to read and understand texts written in academic English and write papers in academic English. So it is highly important to have a clear grasp of what is academic and what is non-academic in the use of English. What I noticed is that though there exists clear distinction between academic and non-academic English, it is not easy to clearly demarcate what is academic. Some common features of the academic way of writing are:

Academic writing uses subject-related vocabulary- Yes, it is often noticed. Unlike the communication of daily life, the academic texts are supposed to contain words and expressions which are common in the particular field of study. The appropriacy of the words used will show how familiar the writer is with the topic discussed.

Clarity of claims- Academic writing is a serious business, and hence, the writers take utmost care to ensure that the statements in the papers, especially research findings, are stated in the most accurate way as possible. That is the reason why academic writings often use words like ‘could’, ‘proved’, ‘may’ ‘suggested’, ‘likely’, ‘possible’ etc.

A very impersonal tone- Yes, academic writing does not exaggerate facts to have an emotional appeal. This kind of writing, instead, uses evidence to prove the claims. Therefore, the writing is highly impersonal and formal in nature. This is the reason that you cannot find many ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘you’ in academic writings.

Well, this list isn’t complete but I think you have a general idea of what academic writing involves. Do you know what happens if your academic language skills are not up to the mark? The main danger is that you will find it hard to write a well-structured paper with cohesion and coherence. In addition, you may not be able to use your study materials appropriately and are highly likely to end up plagiarizing unintentionally.

So it is clear that you need to spend enough time on developing your academic linguistic skills to excel in your college studies.

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Why you need essay editing and proofreading service
Posted On 01/22/2018 07:14:31

Editing and proofreading services were once hard to find. However, with the invention of the Internet, you can find many of them today. They have been in existence but not many know how helpful they are. Here are some reasons why you need an editing and proofreading service.


In all things that you do, accuracy is always very important. There is no point in working on vital projects if the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Accuracy is very important when you are writing an essay. Your essay needs to obtain some level of accuracy and this you can get from editing and proofreading services. They are your third eye. They will make sure they see that mistake that probably you overlooked.

Grammar and sentence structure

A lot more is required when writing academic papers or even journals. Is English or whatever another language your second language? If the answer is yes, then you should never part ways with editing and proofreading services. Just having good points is not enough. These points need to be written in the perfect way possible for ease of understanding and for posterity in case of journals and historical papers.

Save time

Editing is time-consuming. This is because it involves looking into other finer details. Coming up with a piece of writing is much easier. Giving it the finishing touch is hectic. You have to cross all the "t" and dot all the "i". This is another task altogether. You can save time by delegating this duty to other people and have the donkey work done as you get involved with other things. Time is money so they say. Don’t waste it.

Give you work a different point of view.

Subjecting a piece of writing to various points of view helps in minimizing mistakes. What you might not have seen will be captured by another person. This helps make your work worth reading. The benefit of obtaining a different point of view is that your work will be conclusive. Nothing will be left out. This way it becomes much easier to achieve high quality and relevancy which is sort after nearly everywhere in all fields.

Global standards

There are standards everywhere. Editing and proofreading services will help you achieve these standards with ease. This is what they do day in day out. As such, they can never go wrong. Get in touch with qualified editing and proofreading services and get your work checked thoroughly. We offer these services and we can help you a great deal. You will save money and time.


A good paper must meet required standards, must cover all the areas necessary and must be precise and accurate. There is no point in writing a paper then having it dismissed because of minor errors that could have been corrected. Increase your chances of having a globally accepted paper by hiring the services of well-established essay writing service and proofreading services.

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Not all essay writing services can be trusted
Posted On 12/04/2017 09:18:27

Not all essay writing services can be trusted. Some will promise you what they will not deliver. Such sites do not care about the well-being and the comfort of the students. They will promise you high-quality work but will deliver nothing close to it. Unlike those sites, we are very reliable, and you can trust us fully to deliver you a high-quality paper whether it is a high school paper or a college paper. Our team of professionals is qualified, skilled and passionate about what they do. They love their job and understand how important the clients are. Their work is geared towards customer satisfaction. They deliver them high-quality work to meet their needs.

Why should you trust us enough to place your order with us? Our services are unique. Our professional cv writers have at least a masters degree in their areas of specialty. They only handle papers in the areas they are qualified. None of your paper will be handled by none expert in that area be it a computer-programming essay or an English essay.

We carefully select and scrutinize the academic and professional qualifications of our writers. We only select those that prove to be good in both written and spoken language to ensure whatever is delivered to our clients has no grammatical or contextual errors. They are tested for both grammar and essay writing to ensure we only employ those fit for the work.

We also have online tutors. There are several options to get help with your paper. One of them being hiring a tutor or consulting your classmates. The challenge of hiring a private tutor is that it is costly while getting help from your classmates may be disastrous. The classmates will give you in accordance with their comprehension ability. The bad thing is that the score you will get will depend on the ability of whoever helped you. It would be very unfortunate if he/she gave a wrong direction to your assignment. Contact our online tutors.

We are very observant of the deadlines. No matter how close it is, we will meet it. Whether in few hours or a few days our experts are experienced to deliver it just when you need it.

We value our customers. We, therefore, ensure that the writers keep in touch with the clients to enable the clients to keep watch on the progress of their order.

We also revise papers at no cost to our clients. Once you placed an order with us and there is a need for revision, we will not charge you anything.

We guarantee clients their confidentiality. The clients are very important to us. We, therefore, keep their details including billing discrete.

We have a customer support system that is operational 24/7. Any time you contact them, they will respond to you whether day or night.

Our system and website are very legit. Do not worry about fraud. We have very safe payment methods where you can choose the one that most convenient for you.

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Writing a Business Plan for a Dental Practice
Posted On 08/04/2017 07:45:52

A lot of people go into dental practice as a profession, but putting up and maintaining a clinic also requires some business acumen, especially if you will be venturing out on your own. While some dentists choose to work for bigger hospitals and clinics, some dentists decide to put up a dental practice under their name. Just like any other business venture, you should be prepared to draw up a business plan to ensure that you have a successful dental practice up and running.

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One of the main priorities for your business plan is deciding on a location for your dental clinic. Knowing your location and the market it serves can help you decide where to put up your dental practice. Are you located near a school, a residential area, or will you have your clinic inside a mall? Foot traffic is essential, as, in a dental clinic, a lot of the patients actually come in the form of walk-in clients who live or work near the area. Unless you are already an established dentist with a long list of regular patients, it would be beneficial for you to put up a dental practice in an area where there is heavy foot traffic.


Make it clear how many people you plan to hire, as well as your operating hours. Other overhead costs include electricity, phone and water bills as well as other utilities like broadband Internet and cable if you choose to have this in your reception area to entertain visitors while they wait for their turn.


Knowing how much you expect to spend per month can help you estimate how many patients you need to see in a day and a week, and what services you need to offer, making sure that your clinic is earning enough to cover your overhead costs while at the same time make a profit. Dental equipment, tools, and supplies can also be very expensive, so make sure to include in your business plan how often you plan to upgrade your equipment, and account for technology expenses and other unforeseen or emergency expenses such as dental equipment repair.


Although people don’t need their dentists all the time, it is a regular occurrence and part of healthy living. As the saying goes, you don’t really know how much you need your dentist until you actually need one.  Even though you’re in the dental practice as a medical professional, the business side of things is also just as important. 

Good articles about:

Dental Faculty Practice

The Business Plan

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Why does demand for European schools grow?
Posted On 06/25/2017 05:58:51

Study in Switzerland, Germany and Spain today as prestigious as in England or America. Why Europe is so attractive for parents? What the school should pay attention?

The highest authority among European schools use hostels in Switzerland. The country with the highest life education remains the greatest value. Hence - the highest training standards, comfortable accommodation, attention to every student. Most international schools are located on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps. Among them - College Du Leman and Leysin American School. These schools offer the most popular program of study - IB (International Baccalaureate). After graduation, graduates College Du Leman can enter any university in Europe and the UK. Leysin American School is an American school. With her certificate high school diploma child can enroll in the most reputable US universities and Canada. Many parents consider Switzerland as a place for relaxation and even the possibility of emigration. Therefore, the Swiss school day, along with guesthouses, are in great demand. Judge: visa takes a little time, plus a convenient shuttle service from the airports of Zurich and Geneva. Switzerland is bordered by other European countries, but here - there are plenty of good schools.

Another option school in Europe - Sotogrande International School in Spain. It is located in the resort of Costa del Sol and combines the spirit of British education with a Spanish flavor. Sotogrande is attended by children from 3 to 18 years. Training is conducted on the IB program in English. However, all the students practice the Spanish language, which gives them a lot of benefits to enroll in university. Parents choose Sotogrande School, not only because of the international status. They like the fact that there are employee at the school, who always respond to any questions. The school also regularly sends reports on the child's progress. Recently, Sotogrande International School has a new residence and a golf club. In every European country, whether it's Switzerland, Germany or Spain, there exists a school that fits your child. The main thing - in time to begin the process of preparing and drafting documents. In some schools, there is still a place for September 2012.

About the Author: Charlie Rety is a student. She is from Boston. She studies in Europe. She is interested in writing. She has her own blog about education at 


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