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directly affects the health of various parts of the body
Posted On: 03/09/2015 20:27:00

dryer, dryers or fast-tanning methods, fast drying easy to accelerated oxidative aging of BA budoutong shoes, reducing the life of shoes. Different material maintenance of children's shoes are different: 1 and a canvas: wash it with cold water, not baking in the Sun. 2, oil shoes: Please use a dry cloth or shining upper wax bar budoutong shoes for oil clean, do not use ordinary shoe Polish and shoe Polish. 3, top grade calfskin and lamb leather shoes: baby shoe wax maintenance use Bubba bean, should not wear while doing strenuous exercise. 4, nubuck calf leather shoes: with a slightly damp towel to wipe dust, soft brush dipped in mild soap and washing,   nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk placed in a ventilated place to dry on the line. Tip: foot shoe on six common sense many parents know how to buy shoes for kids is a serious matter, traditional Chinese medicine believes that soles has a lot of important

points, directly affects the health of various parts of the body, select a pair of Nice shoes has become an event should not be overlooked. Below give parents some shod foot care tips. --If the child wearing cloth shoes in the summer sports, can be followed by a space and 2-3mmSeat cushions, heel bone injury can be reduced. --Most of the  nike mid blazer womens splayed foot can correct itself, but safer way is to choose shoes shoes, leather shoes, so you can help your child form a straight foot posture. Try to avoid letting their children wear a "curve" shoes such as sneakers, they will only make the problem worse and may even become real splayfeet. --Ankle "Varus" is because the feet are incapable of keeping yourself healthy, neutral State. Jia with heel shoes, put one foot in the middle position and alleviate the tension of ligaments. Lack of support of shoes, cloth shoes if you wear for more than 4 hours a

day, and can lead to unstable gait and severe ankle Varus. --Plastic shoes in summer give kids to take, is to let children play in the rainy trip to rain or water, is not used to walk, or go to school all day. Addition, it is best not to buy cheap plastic shoes, cheap plastics containing hazardous substances, can damage a child's foot skin. --Sneakers are designed specifically for sports, make sure the shoes after exercise in the water when dry don't exercise is best to wear everyday shoes. --Whether it is a cushion or no cushion choice of shoes, it is best to add a layer of leather or cloth soles insoles, on the one hand good wicking properties, on the other hand-foot interface variable more hard and feet feel the full contact with the ground, Arch of the foot and leg muscles grow much better. Children's shoes maintenance should pay attention to the following several points of children's


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