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Upper is covered with a thin layer of protective film in order to maintain
Posted On: 03/09/2015 20:29:17

shoe box in direct contact with the ground to prevent mildew. 3.If once is soaking wet or wet shoes, use a soft cloth to gently wipe and brush the dirt away from the uppers, and made paper newspapers work placed in the shoe, and put shoes in cool and ventilated places, air dry. Do not use a hair dryer, dryers or sunburn and other "quick method" because of fast drying easy to accelerate leather aging and shorten the life of shoes. 4. shoes need proper rest, take turns every day dress shoes shoe life can be  air jordan 6 retro uk extended. Specific maintenance methods and maintenance of different types of shoes premium calfskin, lambskin, use shoe wax maintenance, there should not be worn while doing strenuous exercise. Nubuck leather wipe with a slightly damp towel dust, soft brush dipped in a little mild soapy water to clean, can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Oil leather with a dry

cloth or shining upper wax for oil clean, avoid using ordinary shoe Polish and shoe Polish. Canvas please wash it with cold water, not drying andHow to clean and maintain children's shoes? First, the principle of maintenance of shoes (1) when it is not wear, should begin maintenance, shoes into shoes or newspaper to shoes. Upper is covered with a thin layer of protective film in order to maintain its appearance. (2) do a regular maintenance. (3) always check for damaged shoes. (4) with a brush or  air jordan 4 retro uk cleanser to remove dust or dirt. (5) the more serviceable shoes stand up to everyday wear, should prepare a few pairs in order to replace it. (6) when wet Note: shoe-type retainers or newspapers into shoes in a fixed shape. Place in a cool, ventilated place to dry, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. (7) use the emulsifying Polish cleans leather, with leather shiny with nutrients.

(8) the soles also on weekdays with a scrub brush to remove mud and painted with oil or leather waterproofing agent. (9) use a mildew cleaner to remove dirt and mildew. (10) when it comes to long-term collection and we must always take it out of the air to prevent mildew, and should be placed in the box desiccant. (11) take care of your sport, different sports wear different shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, sandals are not suitable to do strenuous exercise. Second, maintenance of leather baby shoe available special detergents clean then wipe dry with a dry cloth, dry, avoid direct sunlight or hairdryer is baked or grilled. (A) may also be used to dust, dry spray deodorant. (B) protective oil on the shoes on a regular basis. The correct washing and maintenance of three, children's shoes (a) mesh correct washing and maintenance of children's shoes: choose a suitable pair of


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