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sun-dried in the sun before you'll see dried yellow tissue paper
Posted On: 03/09/2015 20:29:34

 scrub uppers, is easy on put dirt clear off, if encountered compared dirty of place on more brush times, zhihou again with toothbrush stained water cleaning off SOAP such on OK has. (3) canvas shoes and sports shoes shoes shoes and head to the heel part (plastic): take a dry towel when not with the index finger against the touch a little bit of water, then dip some toothpaste to gently wipe the sneakers shoe shoes and head to the heel part, last place just grazed the toothpaste with a wet towel and clean them. Note: usually canvas child shoes and the movement leisure child shoes cleaning after recommends put in ventilation and Sun not to Sun of place   nike free run 5.0 running shoes dry, summer weather more hot almost two or three hours on dry has, winter and the Xia rainy day is to six or seven hours only will dry, absolute absolute not can got Sun under Sun, such will let sails shoes glial part

variable yellow, and Sun had zhihou will glial part will easy crisp, will caused sails shoes short-lived of phenomenon, bogey with hair dryer machine blow,,Dryer dries, nor can be placed next to the stove drying. Wash your shoes a little bit to get rid of water, an empty toilet paper roll (ordinary) are all posted on the shoe (attach two layers) shoes wet toilet paper stuck on them after ~ waiting for the sun-dried in the sun before you'll see dried yellow tissue paper, torn shoes will feel better. Method 2 canvas nike free run 3 womens running shoes shoes and sport shoes are dirty, you can use the toothbrush too coarsely detailed Pilling, cold washer stains fighter, brushed dirt where every brush is a place with absorbent towel or napkin to suck it off immediately, dirty water will not run into another clean uppers above! Remember that small area of small area cleaning! Other fabrics are not very good! Will turn yellow,

 and then while you clean, note to begin with small clean! Else fades some fabrics! There is no way to wash Oh! No shoes directly in the water absolutely clean inside, shoes easy to come unglued and laugh. Children's shoes maintenance instructions first, usually do not wear when Bubba bean children's shoes should be kept in a ventilated place, if the shoes are placed on the first floor or basement, Bubba bean children's insoles high as far as possible, don't let the shoe boxes in direct contact with the ground, otherwise the shoes mould.Secondly, Bubba bean shoe brushes, exposure and do not water and heat to avoid shoe deformation. If budoutong once the shoe is soaking wet or wet, use a soft cloth to gently wipe dry, remove the dirt and upper, and made paper newspapers work placed in the shoe, and put shoes in cool and ventilated places, air dry. Must not use a hair


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